Sales Acceleration Executive Course

Sales Acceleration Executive Training shows leaders how to accurately analyze opportunities and to coach their teams to higher levels of performance. The management approach leverages terminology and concepts from The Sales Acceleration System execution. Courses focuses on actions that help management drive revenue attainment. The training contains a mixture of new techniques and management best practices.

The Van Syckle Group offers comprehensive sales acceleration executive training and support to help your managers hire high performance talent, coach your teams for peak performance and build and sustain momentum – even through challenging times. They will walk away inspired, educated and equipped with the specific tools they need to hit the ground running and operate more efficiently.

Some of our courses cover the specific demands your managers face as they lead their teams. They also learn the same customer-focused Sales Acceleration System we teach your sales team. That means they will be poised to reinforce key concepts and to help your salespeople address the challenges they face daily – from qualifying a prospect to closing a sale.

Courses Cover:

  • Talent Acceleration
  • Selection and Hiring Acceleration
  • Culture of Accountability and Performance Acceleration
  • Communication Acceleration
  • Coaching and Mentoring Acceleration
  • Leadership Acceleration
  • Cash Acceleration
  • Team Performance Acceleration

Content Tailored to Your Business

We adapt and customize our Sales Acceleration Executive Training from top to bottom so the experience will align seamlessly with the day-to-day challenges of your management team.