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Sales Acceleration Course

Too often sales training is seen as an “event” and not an investment of time, energy, and financial resources to produce a specific business outcome.

There are three hurdles to successful sales training:

  1. Getting it to stick
  2. Getting it applied
  3. Getting RESULTS!

At The Van Syckle Group, we’ve developed reinforcement sales training programs that make learning long-term and concrete:

Sales Acceleration Consulting

The Van Syckle Group excels in sales acceleration consulting situations in which a company needs help with their sales processes, organization or structure.

We have long been recognized as the “partner of choice” for companies looking to hire sales consultants to help them grow sales and see great ROI and collaborate with clients to develop a program that focuses on rapidly increasing top-line revenue growth and market share by providing tailored, time-tested sales consulting and acceleration services.

Sales Acceleration Executive Course

Sales Acceleration Executive Training shows leaders how to accurately analyze opportunities and to coach their teams to higher levels of performance. The management approach leverages terminology and concepts from The Sales Acceleration System execution. Courses focuses on actions that help management drive revenue attainment. The training contains a mixture of new techniques and management best practices.

The Van Syckle Group offers comprehensive sales acceleration executive training and support to help your managers hire high performance talent, coach your teams for peak performance and build and sustain momentum – even through challenging times. They will walk away inspired, educated and equipped with the specific tools they need to hit the ground running and operate more efficiently.

Talent Acceleration

The Sales Battery is an online sales assessment test and tool that can help you make better hiring decisions, develop and sustain a high performing sales team. We measure key attributes and selling skills, interpret the results and help you use them for maximum impact. Our sales assessment goes deeper than just looking at a salespersons’ personality; we can help you understand their driving factors and coaching tactics that will be most effective. Real talent lies below the surface!

The Sales Battery uncovers what’s driving behavior. It’s different from other sales assessments because it doesn’t just measure “HOW” they do what they do, but “WHY” they do what they do.

Sales Board

Imagine for a moment: Having direct access to a personal board of advisors of likeminded sales professionals and owners all of whom can offer you practical help based on their first-hand experiences!

This invaluable access is available through “The Sales Board”, a unique, exclusive, member-only experience that brings together a group of 8-11 top sales professionals and business owners for peer-to-peer learning, retention, reinforcement of best practice application, business networking and support; and all of whom have been through our Sales Acceleration training!