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  • Last year our clients reported a 35-98% increase in sales, and this was WHILE THEY WERE STILL IN TRAINING!
  • A home health agency reported an average increase in sales while in our training of 100% per year for the last 3 years.
  • A new independent agent became self-sufficient after only 90 days on the job (in an industry with 80+% failure rate)
  • An independent agent reported a 73% increase in sales, 41% increase in total deals closed, 26% increase in average sale and 10% increase in conversion rate.
  • Does everyone have these kind of results? NO, results vary according to each person’s application of our proven sales system, but they are common!

A New Sales Cycle

Other sales training programs “sell” how to get leads, how to get more referrals, how to close, etc.. The Sales Acceleration System is a complete system with defined steps of the entire sales cycle.

Unique Selling Proposition Acceleration

So how are you different … and how do you know your competitor is not saying the same things? The first step in getting people to buy from you, is to differentiate yourself from the crowd. In this exciting lesson, you’ll learn how to differentiate what it is that you are offering and then leveraging those differences to create a competitive advantage over the competition. It’s time to stand out from the crowd and this lesson will show you exactly how to do that.

Marketing Acceleration

Make sure you are in front of the “right” people at the “right” time in the “right” place! The importance of marketing boils down to this – you can have the greatest product or service in the world but if no one knows about it … or if only the wrong people know about it … you aren't going to make any sales. In this powerful lesson, you’ll learn how to identify and appeal to your very best prospects – those are the ones most likely to pull out their wallets and buy from you.

Prospecting Acceleration

Develop leads fast in channels that convert quickly! A good salesperson, successful business owner, or sales leader for that matter, are always on the lookout for good prospects. In this information-packed lesson, you’ll learn not only how to generate leads but also how to separate your best prospects from those prospects that are only going to end up wasting your valuable time and money.

Sales Rapport Building

Build Rapport FAST! If you've been involved in sales for any time at all, you've probably heard the following saying “people don’t buy a product or service … people buy from people they like.” Well, few sayings are truer than this one and in this informative lesson you’ll learn exactly how to get people to like you and buy from you. Concerned about the image your presenting to prospects? Not sure if you are truly connecting with prospects? This lesson will turn you into a master at interacting with people.

Qualifying and Selling the Sales Meeting

STOP wasting time with prospects who do not buy! Want to know one of the very best things you can do to avoid wasting valuable time and increase the amount of sales you are making? It’s to learn to qualify prospects. So many salespeople and business owners waste time and money selling to people who are never going to buy from them. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to separate real prospects from the “tire kickers” so that you have more time to sell to people who actually want or need your product or service.

Sales Meeting Agenda

Eliminate “think it over” answers from your prospects! When it comes to efficiency, few things are more detrimental than surprises and uncertainty. That’s why we've created this lesson on the importance of the Sales Meeting Agenda. You’ll learn how to keep control of your sales meetings and persistently lead a prospect to the ultimate action of buying your product or service.

Sales Pre-Call Planning and Background

You’ll love it when your sales plan comes together! “Flying by the seat of your pants” is never a good idea in any industry and it’s especially not a good one when it comes to sales. The truth is you’ll make a lot more sales by being prepared than you ever will by “trying to wing it.” In this enlightening lesson, you’ll learn how to do the background work that really pays off when it comes time to make a sale.

Sales Questioning Skill Acceleration

Become a Sales Professional. When it comes to making a sale, asking questions can be your #1 friend or your #1 enemy. Ask the right questions and the sale will be yours. Ask the wrong questions and you could quickly turn the prospect off and lose the sale. The truth is when it comes to separating the wildly successful salesperson from those who struggle, the main difference is often the art of questioning. Asking the right questions really is an art form and when done right can lead a prospect not just around to your way of thinking but right to the sale itself. You’ll find out how to do it exactly right in this lesson.

Prospect Pain/Challenges

Identify “tire-kickers! ”Understanding the pain and/or challenges your prospect is facing will go a long way in helping you separate the real buyers from the tire kickers. It will also allow you to position your product or service as a way to stop that pain or overcome that challenge, which most often will lead to a sale. But it all starts with identifying a prospect’s pain or challenge and that’s exactly what you’ll learn to do in this career-altering lesson.

Prospect Cause

Identify the reasons for the challenge/pain! Once you find the pain, the next step in the sales process is identifying the cause of that pain. It’s important to identify the cause because that’s what you will ultimately be trying to resolve for your prospect.

Prospect GAP’s

Discover the difference between what they have and what they want! Another key to making the sale is gaining an understanding of where your prospect are now and where they are trying to go and then positioning your product or service as the solution that will enable them to get there.

Prospect Impact

Identify the consequences from the challenge/pain. One of the best things you can do to speed up the sales process is to help the prospect understand the true impact of the challenges, or pains, that he is facing. In this powerful lesson, you’ll learn to find that impact, understand why it motivates the prospect and then use it to accelerate the sale.

Prospect Resolution

Identify their resolution to the challenge/pain! Understanding how a prospect is currently responding to a pain or challenge will allow you to position your product or service as the better solution. The key is being able to uncover how they are responding and what are the positives and negatives of that approach … and this lesson will show you exactly how to do that.

Prospect Commitment

How important is it to rectify the problem? Think being able to tell if a prospect is committed or not to resolving the pain or challenge he faces might save you some time and increase your sales rate? Of course it would! In this exciting lesson, you’ll learn how to quickly tell if your prospect is really committed to fixing a challenge or not so that you can either leverage that commitment to make a sale or avoid wasting your time and move on to a more committed prospect.

Prospect Decision Making

Gain access to the real decision maker! Another big time waster for many salespeople and business owners is wasting their time selling to someone who is not the ultimate decision maker. Find out how to save yourself from wasting your time and effort in this informative lesson that will show you how to easily identify the real decision maker and then make sure that you speak to him and him alone.

Prospect Envisioning

60% of the population are visual learners – use this lesson to close more businesses than your competitors! An important step in the sales process that many eager salespeople skip over is prospect envisioning. The truth is by taking the time to get a prospect to visually imagine what the end result will be instead of going right to the solution you will make them that much more agreeable and eager to buy your product or service. On the other hand, skip this step and you risk alienating the prospect by rushing them to the end. Don’t make this common mistake. Send your sales rate skyrocketing by heeding this important lesson.

Prospect Budgets

Identify if they can pay early in the sales process! There’s one more important lesson before we leave the Sales Diagnostics Unit and that is being able to identify your prospect’s budget. While many salespeople are hesitant to discuss money with a prospect or just plain do it poorly, in this valuable lesson you’ll learn how to turn talking money with a prospect into a positive that can actually pave the way to a successful sale.

Sales Persuasion

Increase your closing ratios! Get to the real heart of making the sale in this powerful lesson that will show you how to identify different prospect behavioral styles and then close each one quickly and painlessly. It’s time to get inside the mind of your prospect and this lesson will show you how to do exactly that. You’ll be able to turn a prospect’s own thoughts and beliefs to your advantage.

Sales Psychology of Decision Making

Accelerate the close that can result in meeting and exceeding sales goals. Give the prospect a presentation that will bring them to the point that they understand the value of the product or service and whether it solves their problems. The prospect will now recognize the salesperson is addressing an issue of relevance with the potential to deliver a payoff in an area that matters, the prospect then becomes interested in hearing the solution and evaluating it.

Sales Negotiation

Sell at higher profit margins! Ready to become a skilled negotiator even if you've been struggling at it for years? In this lesson, you’ll learn the secrets that will turn even rank beginners into master negotiators in no time. You’ll learn to control your emotions, recognize manipulative tactics and break down big issues into small ones so that you get the deal you want every time.

Buyer’s Remorse and Setting up the Referral Meeting

a. Prospect Buyer’s Remorse

Keep more deals after your hard sales work. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to any lasting sale is buyer’s remorse, which is where a customer feels regret over a purchase and often ends up seeking a refund. Few things are more frustrating to a salesperson – you think you have a sale only to lose it a few hours or few days later. Many salespeople feel helpless to stop Buyer’s Remorse but the truth is by doing a few simple things during the sales process you can head off Buyer’s Remorse and keep it from ever stealing away your commission or profits. Find out how in this incredible lesson.

b. Referral Meeting Set-Up

Set referral expectations with your prospect! Salespeople and business owners are always looking for new prospects and one very effective way to find new prospects that few people are taking advantage properly today is the referral meeting. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to set up referral meetings sooner rather than later so that you have an even better chance of gaining valuable new prospects to sell to.

Sales Integration

Implement seamlessly! A smooth transition from sale to delivery will go a long way in creating satisfied customers and also in generating referrals for more sales in the future. Don’t think that once a sale is made your job is over! In this lesson, you’ll learn how you can play an important role in ensuring that a smooth transition from sale to delivery always takes place for your customers.

Customer Service Acceleration

Sell more to existing customers! Studies show that it is cheaper to sell again to existing customers than finding new prospects – and what’s one of the biggest keys to getting customers to buy from you again? Provide excellent customer service. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to provide the type of service that will keep customers coming back and buying again and again and again.

Referral Meetings

Exceed sales quota every time with high conversion referrals!In this last lesson in the Sales Acceleration System, you’ll learn more about how to take advantage of referral meetings to generate prospect leads for your business.

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