Sales Acceleration Courses

Too often sales training is seen as an “event” and not an investment of time, energy, and financial resources to produce a specific business outcome.

There are three hurdles to successful sales training:

  1. Getting it to stick
  2. Getting it applied
  3. Getting RESULTS!

At The Van Syckle Group, we’ve developed reinforcement sales training programs that make learning long-term and concrete:

  • Longer term sales training for retention
  • Built in accountability, reinforcement and assessment procedures for application
  • Specific capabilities have to be met before advancement

Challenges for clients previous to our programs include:

  • Creating interest with buyers
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Building value with buyers
  • Selling complex solutions to larger companies
  • Adding consultative value while selling

You or your company deserves the same high quality sales training we provide for larger corporations. We have developed specifics to meet the needs of all size companies and individuals.

The “engine” behind our training is always The Sales Acceleration System.

Unit 1: Lead Acceleration
Unit 2: Relationship Acceleration
Unit 3: Diagnostics
Unit 4: Close Acceleration
Unit 5: Referral Acceleration

The Sales Acceleration System focuses on the sales process and principles – we can adapt the delivery format and the terminology to fit your organization. However; without an evaluation process it is nearly impossible to hold a salespeople accountable for changing and improving behaviors, taking actions and achieving results.

Without process and methodology, goals, and action plans as a part of sales training and performance improvement – sales activities are haphazard, less energetic, low volume, less effective and less efficient.