Looking to move your sales to the next level?

Imagine for a moment: Having direct access to a personal board of advisors of likeminded sales professionals and owners all of whom can offer you practical help based on their first-hand experiences!

This invaluable access is available through “The Sales Board”, a unique, exclusive, member-only experience that brings together a group of 8-11 top sales professionals and business owners for peer-to-peer learning, retention, reinforcement of best practice application, business networking and support; and all of whom have been through our Sales Acceleration training!

Every month, The Sales Board members take part in ongoing “Sales Acceleration” – oriented meetings, employing special protocols, reinforcement and tweaking their sales strategies to changing markets. Supported in a trusting, member – only environment, we safely explore marketing and sales issues. As the number-one benefit of the Sales Acceleration Training through The Van Syckle Group membership in The Sales Board, plays a large role in The Van Syckle Group experience. Exclusive membership is only offered when a participant completes the Sales Acceleration Course.

Our unique system of reviewing best practice application coupled with peer advice means you learn from the practical teachings of others. The combination of peer advice captured in The Sales Board meetings and The Van Syckle Groups proprietary sales tools and curriculum ensures continued access to our proven methods of retaining and transforming your sales to its next level of success.

As a sales professional or business owner, it can be lonely at the top … but it doesn’t have to be. As an elite, network of Sales Professionals, The Sales Board exists to guide you along your sales journey. Sometimes that journey is difficult, and any form of high level sales education is hard to find. That’s where The Sales Board comes in.