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Become a Sales Professional. When it comes to making a sale, asking questions can be your #1 friend or your #1 enemy. Ask the right questions and the sale will be yours. Ask the wrong questions and you could quickly turn the prospect off and lose the sale. The truth is when it comes to separating the wildly successful salespeople from those who struggle the main difference is often the art of questioning. Asking the right questions really is an art form and when done right can lead a prospect not just around to your way of thinking but right to the sale itself. You’ll find out how to do it exactly right in this lesson.

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Topics in this lesson

  • The 5 phases of questioning and how to use each phase to lead your prospect to the sale
  • Move from Sales Amateur to Sales Professional simply by asking the right questions
  • The 4 levels of Motivation Hierarchy (why people buy) and how to use questioning to get your prospects motivated to buy
  • How an iceberg relates to the sales process and prospect buying motivation and then how to use this knowledge to boost your own sales
  • Build and use your very own Interview Sheet
  • And much more